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nbsp 0183 32 I am moving about 2 hours away from where I am now and was wondering if I could move my washer and dryer on there sides I have a truck but it has a shell on it that is too low to move them upright No problem The washer has a drum inside a drum so that it can

There s a lot of confusing chatter out there about moving a flat screen TV Here are some differing opinions I found all coming from typically credible places Never lay a TV flat when transporting it I speak from experience avforums You can put LCD TVs flat

nbsp 0183 32 Depends on the washer i have moved my washer a few times but i have always put spacers to keep the machine stable but i have transported my machine on its side when we moved house Just make sure you have secured it properly and it should be OK

Even when you install the bolts or rod it may be a bad idea to lay your front loading washing machine on its side if it has direct drive gears that are filled with transmission fluid The fluid can leak and replacing it isn t always easy you may have to rebuild the transmission

Can You Lay a Washer on Its Side When Moving It s recommended you always keep a washing machine in an upright position Laying a washer on its side can cause the inner and outer tubs to bump

nbsp 0183 32 Hi I m moving a tumble dryer from one house to another My car is a VW Golf so the dryer is too big to stand upright in the car Will it still be safe if I put the tumble dryer on its side or back when transporting it in my car Note that this is purely a tumble dryer not a

Moving a dryer on its side or back is fine however I have some recommendations 1 I would haul it standing up if at all possible 2 I would not haul it on its side for the fact that it may be damanged cosmetically 3 If you are unable to haul it standing your best

Moving a dryer on its side or back is fine however I have some recommendations I would haul it standing up if at all possible I would not haul it on its side for the fact that it may be damaged cosmetically If you are unable to haul it standing your best option would

Sometimes you have to move a compressor from place to place They can be unwieldy if left upright Can I lay my compressor down to move it is a question many people have about moving an air compressor from location to location As is often the case there is no

nbsp 0183 32 Will you damage a washing machine by transporting it on it s side Or must it be transported upright you can turn it on its side The side ways thing only applies to refrigerators and freezers They can be transported sideways if they are set upright for 24 0

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nbsp 0183 32 If you place the fridge on its side the oil can flow into the cooling lines and clog them which will mean a call for appliance repair at best and a trip to buy a new refrigerator at worst The damage chance is greater for an older model that may have sludge in the oil that makes it even more likely to clog

nbsp 0183 32 A Bosch front loader I boughtin 2006 while living in Melbourne was transported from shop on its side it then made its way to Adelaide on its side with the bolts in I gave that washer to my brother and it runs perfect to this day When we moved to WA was an

If you have them reinstall the shipping bolts otherwise keep the washer upright I have said that it is OK to lay TL washers on thier sides but a FLer should never be laid on its side unless all the factory shipping braces are installed Call a moving company They use a

How to move a washer and dryer by yourself Washers and dryers are significant investments Fortunately if you re moving the process for packing them and taking them with you can be simple Carefully follow the steps below to avoid damage and help

It is probably best to only lay a clothes dryer on its side as a last resort since it can cause damage if great care is not taken to protect finishes Because appliance hand trucks are designed to move and handle dryers from the back and underneath using a hand

nbsp 0183 32 Yes That s usually just a problem with refrigerators due to the compressors inside them Your washer dryer combo will be fine I would do so with the doors pointing up so that they don t open up and damage anything

nbsp 0183 32 Going to transport a top load washer and front load dryer on their sides in my station wagon I believe new ones have a transport bolt that holds things in place during handling if I transport these on their side I assume the bolt is going to be long gone Any tips for

nbsp 0183 32 Moving amp Transporting a washing machine amp dryer can be easy if you just know how to make the right grips amp use the right leverage In this video I combine both of my previous videos of

The correct way to transport a refrigerator generally is in an upright position but this not always is possible If you need to move a refrigerator on its side you must know what can happen when you lay the unit down as well as what precautions you can take so that

Tilt the unit toward the dolly side as little as possible when transporting it If you have to lay the freezer on its side to get it through a door or down a flight of stairs minimize the amount of time that it s on its side

nbsp 0183 32 How to move amp transport a washing machine by yourself instructional tutorial I show in this video how to move a washing machine by yourself Also other videos you can watch about how to transport

Washing machines may be big and bulky in appearance but their inner parts are quite delicate and can be easily disturbed if not handled with care If you lay your washer on its side you risk bumping the inner and outer tubs against one another which can lead to

An experienced engineer advising on the best way of safely transporting a washing machine from one place to another After transporting a new clothing washer on its side how long do you have to let the oil settle before you can start washing Thanks for the

If you have an upright piano its compact shape will help you let it fit through most door openings An experienced team of four or five movers should be able to transport the instrument safely Moving a grand piano however can require making sweeping changes

Keep your appliances in the best shape by following these tips for moving and storing a washer and dryer 1 Keep the Doors Ajar in Storage If you are putting your appliances in storage keep the doors slightly ajar to assure air flow You can use the dryer for 2

nbsp 0183 32 The best way to move a fridge is to keep it upright but this isn t always an option when moving a freezer in a moving truck or up and down stairs If you have to put a freezer on its side there are a few precautions you must take to prevent damage to the unit

nbsp 0183 32 Not exactly a pluming question but I hope someone has some info I need to get a pedestal for my LG front load washer so my wife doesn t have to bend over so much I ve heard that you can lean this washer over to the left to install the pedestal leaning right could

nbsp 0183 32 I shot this video because i saw very few if any at all examples of how to transport a refrigerator up right in a utility trailer All examples i found where of people using pickup trucks The over

The one you have pictured was manufactured between about 19 The design itself dates to 1939 The wringer head lifts off of these so that will buy you a few extra inches If at all possible it needs to be transported upright Otherwise you ll have a big

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